About HiFiStay

Founded in 2002, Hifistay offer wide range of products for vibration controls for speakers, audio equipment and total solution for a rack system.

Our brand offers solutions for vibration working as an assistant who maximizes the quality of audio.”

We eager to make better sound quality for enjoying beautiful music.

Not only device itself quality but also electricity quality and control of vibrations are the most important factor s for operating audio system.

We HIFISTASY, specialized in accessory for hifi audio, have automatic devices, optical devices including function Olympiad and long-time experience in manufacturing. We have those factors as our ground.

Both we have had broaden exchange with audio enthusiast and we have offered great quality of items with leading and creative know-how from manufacturing experts for over 20 years.

We have a variety of audio accessory based on science fundemantals from spike to audio lac and they have attracted many people in market.

Especially it has been acknowledged the best sound quality from many dealers and grown throughout abroad.

HifiStay Products

  • Ballerino Single Swing

  • Ballerino Double Swing

  • Ballerino Triple Swing

  • Stainless Steel Spike

  • Gyrotension Swing

  • Soft Jelly

  • Dharma

  • Stella Double Swing

  • Mythology