About Vitus


Vitus Audio was founded in 1995 and after 8 years of research and development first products were introduced to the market.

Vitus Audio builds audio equipment of superlative quality that endures for generations. Nothing is left to chance in our quest for perfect design and performance. No costs are spared in development, production or after-sales care. Our approach is uncompromising.

Vitus Audio products are predominantly manufactured at our own facility. Extensive investment has been made in design software, production robots, measuring and quality inspection equipment, and associated software.

This unique infrastructure enables us to guarantee for decades – you could say, for generations – the precision and performance of our products. They are quite literally built for the future. Consequently, a Vitus Audio product release is not an annual event.

The brand ethos permeates throughout our organisation, from manufacture to the meticulous after-sales dimension. Our trusted partners share our dedication and vision. They enjoy a deep knowledge of our products and the technology associated with each, and are able to convey our powerful brand message to their customers.

Initially, we specialised in analogue systems. In recent years, however, we have built an impeccable reputation as leaders in digital products of outstanding innovation and quality.

Today, our portfolio is carefully-balanced across analogue and digital spheres, with unique specialisms in both.

The history of Vitus Audio starts with a 12 year-old Hans-Ole Vitus – the founder –  when he joined a street marching band – Åbyhøj Tambourkorps – playing the snare drum. This was his first foray into music. It took him across Europe playing with the band and fomented what would become a lifelong love of music.

He played drums in the school band and in a local rock band from the age of 15, playing covers of Thin Lizzy, Rolling Stones and the like.

But it was at aged 14 when he got his first hi fi system, all Pioneer separates – turntable, tape deck, amplifier, tuner and speakers – that his passion for electronics was sparked. The Pioneer tuner and amp were soon swapped out for a Sanui tuner and separate Sanui amplifier (both of which are still working at the Vitus Audio factory today).

Thus began his search for audio perfection, getting his hands on Mission separates, an AR turntable, making his own speakers and DIY amplifiers. Tinkering with electronics, disassembling things, putting them back together (successfully or otherwise) is the birthplace of all electronics engineers. This curiosity is what hooked Vitus.

And so at 18, Vitus began an education in electronics. And so, around 1985 – 86 the seeds of what would become Vitus Audio were sown.

Vitus Audio was unofficially founded in 1995. It would be 8 more years of development and circuitry refinement before the first products were ready to be unveiled.

These products were;

The RP-100 Phono Stage – predecessor of the current RP-102

The RL-100 Line Stage – predecessor of the current RL-102 Mk.I

The SM-100 Monaural Power Amplifier – predecessor of the current SM-103

Their public unveiling took place at the Stockholm show in February 2003 with subsequent demonstrations at the Copenhagen show the following week and the Frankfurt (now the Munich High End) show in May of that year.

Critical reception of these initial units was positive and this laid the foundations for the coming decades of development and a brand that is beloved by audiophiles today.

Vitus Audio Products