Masterpiece Series –

MP-S201 Stereo/Mono Power Amplifier

When we first floated the ideas behind the MP-S201, the reaction from everyone we spoke to was “Mission impossible”. To the Vitus Audio design team, this was exactly the motivation they needed to get to work… mission accepted.

Making a 125kg+ amplifier of this size is no small undertaking. Special tools were required before we could begin. This investment was necessary and allows us to proudly say that our products are handmade in Denmark.

The MP-S201 is quite simply, in our opinion, the finest stereo power amplifier available on the market today. Its dominant presence is backed up by musical prowess and sheer power that will drive any thing you throw at it with a tremendous 500W of power in to 8Ω load and double that into a 4Ω load.

There is also a mono mode for bi-amping purposes. There are few words to describe this amplifier so we’ll leave the final word to the early listeners who said; “it has no peer”.