Mainz8 D-Level


With the DIAMOND-series, we’ve combined all of our technologies – DGC, DIHC and NSC – with our best materials and the best mechanical qualities available. Nothing has been spared in order to offer you a higher reference level than what has been possible to experience up until now. The precision-turned aluminum items have received surface treatment with a diamond/carbon connection in a particle accelerator for a period of 18 hours, all in order to ensure the unique tonal characteristics of the D-series cables.


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Ansuz Mainz8 Power Distributor is a Mains and Ground distribution unit. It has 8 Dedicated mains outlets and features an extremely low impedance star grounding system.
When using the Mainz8 try to connect the Main Ground to your pre- or integrated amplifier where your sources are connected. Doing this will minimize the ground potential between your devices and thus minimize ground current and signal induced fluctuations.


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