Vitus Audio RS-101

Eyes gently turn towards the lights. They switch to green. Milliseconds later the full potential of the engine unleashes. An unlikely force under the guard of a tip of a foot. Sweat beads on the font face. Adrenaline gushing through your body. Full power. Full control. Hands steer with a focus on infinity. The mind lingers as the band of screeching tires continues. The cheer of the crowd is ravishing. Applause swells when victory is within reach. You are right on track with the RS-101 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier.


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Time for a musical triumph…

The technical ingenuity of our engineers made it possible to take the ‘musical engine’ of the RI-101 to a whole new level. Excellent craftsmanship and leading innovation enable it to capture the drama of a full-scale orchestra and translate it into a lifelike performance. Goosebumps. With advanced technology like an enhanced output stage and power supply, the RS-100 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier assures a future proof investment into music. No compromise. Its life long performance stands for the unique dedication of Vitus Audio as a manufacturer. Experience the musician’s finesse and the delicacy of each instrument with the intelligent Class A bias.

Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RS- 101 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier.

Only available in dedicated high end shops.


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