Vitus Audio SIA-025 mk.II

You want to go that extra mile. So what do you do? Raise the bar? Raise the stakes? Your cabin offers a view of the world. It seems endless. You steer your yacht to the horizon, firing up the engines yet another time. That entire horsepower makes the propellers cleave through the water. Speed increases rapidly. Those few extra knots give you a sense of bliss. The sun reflects in your sunglasses. The vast water breathes freedom. Alone on the world? Not quite. The dolphins along the yacht exchange glances and confirm your determination. There's only one way; the path to elevated performance. You're sailing right into the direction of the SIA-025 Integrated Amplifier.


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All the seawater flows to the endless musical ocean of Vitus Audio…

Our design team created a real integrated amplifier you’ll adore. Integration was the real challenge. Fitting all the parts into a relatively small chassis, which the SIA-025 shares with its siblings. We raised our technology to a new level of integration of parts. Plain and simple. The output stage is taken from the SM-10 monaural amplifier. By putting all our efforts into developing this true balanced integrated class A amplifier, we succeeded in making the new higher level of integration perform to the standards that any customer would expect from our Signature Series. Have you ever listened to one of our Signature Series products? You’ll be thrilled! The SIA-025 adds more flexibility in terms of more inputs, the possibility of bi-amping should it be needed and a full bypass function for enabling compatibility with external surround processors. Together with our SCD-025, this amplifier will form a user friendly, cool looking system that delivers an incredible performance.

Integration, balance, performance. Three words that best describe the essence of the SIA- 025 Integrated Amplifier.





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