Vitus Audio SM-011

How do you form an opinion? Based on objective facts? Or do you take subjective decisions from the heart? The creative inspires music lovers. Music is an emotion, straight from the heart. Imagine that you have to choose a yacht. Do you let yourself be guided by factual information like engine power, the number of decks or the degree of luxury of the cabins? Or do you fill your heart with the idea of the man and the sea, the beckoning adventure of the brutal forces of nature or the romantic idea of the calming sea? Either way, you're sailing right into the direction of the SM-011 Mono Power Amplifier.


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All the seawater flows to the endless musical ocean of Vitus Audio…

Your search ends here. Are you ready to embrace the Vitus Audio SM-011 Signature Mono Power Amplifier? These beautiful pieces of machinery have enlightened souls, filled with musical joy. Look at that wonderful design. Not only should you be impressed with the used materials, once you take a look inside… Its strong, muscular hearts pumps out powerful, coherent and controlled signals that will excite your senses. Welcome to your final destination. Is there anything more beautiful than two mono power amplifiers satisfying the musical appetite of your speakers? The SM-011 Mono Power Amplifier is taking its predecessor, the SM-010, to a totally different level. What a strong musical engine! Its technical features give you a clear hint: 4KVA transformers, 240.000uF capacitor bank, zero global negative feedback, 2mm thick boards, intelligent Class A bias and modular design for future upgradability.

Integration, balance, performance. Three words that best describe the essence of the SM-011 Mono Power Amplifier.


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