Vitus Audio SP-103

It’s that time of day. Cherish the intimacy and fragility of the on-board vinyl sessions. Flatter down on the leather couch in the cabin. Gently pull the album from its sleeve. Find the a-side. Carefully lower the needle into the groove. Jazzy sounds reverberate throughout the yacht. A feeling of bliss overwhelms you. You take a sip of that 18-yearold whiskey. Then it hits you. The music elevates you into a vibe, reminiscent of the murmur of the sea. Your captain takes the yacht for another spin. You're sailing right into the direction of the SP-103 Phono Stage.


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All the seawater flows to the endless musical ocean of Vitus Audio…

Tabula rasa. It means starting with a clean slate. When you actually start from scratch as a manufacturer, the results can be surprising. This was the case with our SP-103 Phono Stage. It’s a brand new design. Ideas and technologies trickle down from our Masterpiece Series organically. As a true high end enthusiast it would be smart to use this to your advantage. Setting the resistance and sensitivity can be done with our RC- 010 systems remote or directly on the front of the unit. Instead of the normal MM/MC selection, we implemented a very flexible gain setting feature. Together with our well know true balanced, fully discrete technologies, we at Vitus Audio believe that the SP- 103 Phono Stage sets a new standard for analogue reproduction.

Integration, balance, performance. Three words that best describe the essence of the SP- 103 Phono Stage.





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