SM-103 (Mono)

Signature Series

The SM-100 was the very first power amplifier to come out of the Vitus Audio design studio. A true balanced amplifier that changed the marketplace and made clear what a monaural power amplifier should provide to the user. The initial design was housed in two chassis but we always intended to create a four chassis system to separate power circuitry from audio circuitry.

The development of the MP-M201 saw this dream become a reality and we took the development leaps forward made with that amp and the amazing advancements made in the SS-103 into the SM-103 creating a powerhouse that will astonish with micro detail and resolution.

With a completely no-compromise design, the SM-103 can take on the very finest products from around the world, regardless of their cost. Based on the SS-103, each SM-103 uses only the finest matched transistors and super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module.

This amplifier redefines how close you can get to a live performance experience from your recordings. With future upgradability a given thanks to their internal modular design, this is an amplifier that will bring joy for many decades to come.

Color Options
  • SM 103-colors-black
  • SM 103-colors-titanium
  • SM 103-colors-silver
  • SM 103-colors-orange
  • SM 103-colors-champagne



Available: 1 (L+R)
Sensitivity: 1.4 VRMS
Impedance: 10kΩ


Available: 1 (L+R)
Sensitivity: 0.7 VRMS
Impedance: 10kΩ



Available: 2 set for bi-wiring
Impedance: 0.075Ω
Power WRMS (8/4Ω): ~100W Class A / ~100W Class AB
Power WRMS (8/4Ω): ~200W Class A / ~200W Class AB
Frequency response: +800kHz
Signal to noise ratio: >100dB
THD + noise: <0.01%


Standby: <1W
Class AB: 126W
Class A: 215W


Height: 310mm including feet
Width: 435mm
Depth: 601mm
Weight: 75kg