About SIN Audio

S.I.N. Audio is a company dedicated to developing high-end power distribution products for audiophiles worldwide. With years of experience in audio and a deep understanding of the importance of electricity in a high-level audio system, the team at S.I.N. Audio has created a range of bespoke power cords, sockets, connectors, and power distributors that take naturalness and precision to the next level.

S.I.N. Audio’s products are designed using the company’s patented SBM Technology, which involves carefully selecting natural materials, the best possible components, and employing proper assembly techniques to eliminate vibration, EMI, and RFI. This results in products that provide exceptional sound quality, with incredible dynamics, sound energy, and natural resolution.

Unlike other active power treatment solutions that can limit dynamics and sound energy, S.I.N. Audio’s power distribution products offer a natural sound that has been described by audiophiles as “the most natural” they have ever experienced. Every product is bespoke and made-to-order, ensuring that each customer receives a solution tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

At S.I.N. Audio, our mission is to provide audiophiles with the tools they need to create an immersive and natural listening experience. With our high-end power distribution products, we aim to help music enthusiasts experience sound in its purest form.

SIN Audio Products

  • SIN Audio - PSD-6


  • SIN-PSD-6-Ghost-Editio

    PSD- 6 Ghost Edition

  • SIN Audio - PSD-10


  • SIN Audio - PSD-10 GHOST

    PSD- 10 Ghost Edition

  • SIN Audio PSD-10 Unlimited

    PSD-10 Unlimited

  • Ghost Ground Cable

    Ghost Ground

  • PC Ten Ghost