About Viva Audio

Built on the centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship, Viva Audio combines cutting-edge technology, decades of audio expertise, and superior quality materials to create the most incredible sound systems available anywhere.

Viva Audio is dedicated to delivering an authentic sound that faithfully reproduces the original recording in its most natural state. Whether you are listening to a classical recital or a concerto, a jazz performance, a dance mix, or a motion picture soundtrack, Viva Audio’s systems will transform your experience into something extraordinary that you will want to relive again and again.

Every piece of Viva Audio equipment is bespoke and made to order, ensuring that each product is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the client. As a recipient of numerous awards, Viva Audio equipment is designed and handcrafted in the age old Italian tradition and distributed worldwide. The company’s team of highly dedicated specialists is brought together by a passion for music and a quest for the perfect sound.

Viva Audio is the brainchild of Amedeo Schembri, one of the world’s leading audio experts and sound specialists, who founded the company in 1996 with his brother Giampietro Schembri. Amedeo oversees every aspect of product development, from conceptualization and design to finishing, while Giampietro is in charge of Viva’s business development and marketing.

In his quest for perfection, Amedeo Schembri works closely with Alessandro Costanzia di Costigliole, Viva Audio’s Design Consultant. Alessandro is a well-known architect and industrial designer and a founding partner of the blueArch design studio in Milan.

Viva Audio’s Chief Engineer is Marco Peverati, a professionally trained musician and expert in Baroque music who regularly collaborates with classical performers as a sound and recording engineer. The company’s commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and a passion for music makes Viva Audio a preferred choice for music lovers and audiophiles worldwide.

Viva Audio Products

  • Viva Nuda


  • Viva master horn

    Master Horn

  • Viva Credenza


  • Viva Allegro Speaker


  • Viva Agile Black


  • Viva Egoista-STX

    Egoista STX

  • Viva Egoista845

    Egoista 845

  • Viva Egoista 2A3

    Egoista 2A3

  • Viva Numerico


  • viva-linea


  • Viva-L1


  • Fono

  • VIVA-F1


  • viva aurora


  • Viva Solistino


  • Solista

  • Classico