About Albedo Silver

For over twenty years, Albedo has been manufacturing some of the highest quality audio cables in the industry. With a deep appreciation for the art of listening, this small but dedicated company takes naturalness as a part of their creed and approach to sound.

Albedo’s commitment to quality is evident in every model of cable they produce, with the conducting part always featuring silver extracted from their own induction furnaces. This highly neutral material allows for the most precise reproduction of any sound source, ensuring a faithful representation of the original recording.

One of the hallmarks of Albedo’s cables is their use of monocrystalline technology, a manufacturing process that few other companies in the world utilize. By constantly seeking out new methods and ideas, while also keeping proven methods in mind, Albedo has remained at the forefront of cable technology for more than twenty years.

The team at Albedo believes that the very essence of beauty is changeable, like liquid silver. This philosophy guides their approach to innovation and improvement, and is reflected in everything they do. Their passion for sound and dedication to delivering exceptional listening experiences is why they are a top choice for audiophiles around the world.

When it comes to ultra-high-quality audio cables, Albedo is a name that you can believe in. With their commitment to naturalness and innovation, you can be sure that every bespoke cable they produce is of the highest quality, and will provide you with an unparalleled listening experience.

Albedo Silver Products

  • Blue Speaker Cable

    Blue Speaker Cable

  • Blue

  • Monocrystal Phono

    Moncrystal DIN/RCA

  • Flat-One Speaker Cable

    Flat One Speaker Cable

  • Metamorphosis Signature Monocrystal

  • Metamorphosis MKII XLR

    Metamorphosis MK II Monocrystal

  • Monolith Monocrystal

  • Flat One

  • Monolith Speaker Cable

    Monolith Monocrystal Speaker Cable

  • Monolith Monocrystal

  • Metamorphosis MK II Monocrystal

  • Metamorphosis MKII loudspeaker

    Metamorphosis MK II Monocrystal

  • Monolith Reference MK II Monocrystal

  • Metamorphosis Signature Monocrystal