About High End by Oz

High End By Oz was established in 2016 in Los Angeles, CA and is one of the leading distributors of high-end audio equipment in North America.

The founder, Ozan Turan, carefully selects the best components in the world for your music pleasure. If a brand makes it to High End By Oz’s portfolio, this means it is an absolute masterpiece.

Through his network of dealers, High End By Oz currently offers Thrax Audio, and Lansche Audio to the North American consumer.

Our philosophy is simple: “Personalized service at its best”

To achieve the best experience in audio, we visit our manufacturers’ plants, sit down with the designers to understand the philosophy behind their designs and learn about the manufacturing process. This enables us to train our dealer network about the brands and the products so that no questions are left unanswered.

We leave no stone unturned for your musical pleasure!