CORONA Plasma Tweeter

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  • Lansche 3.2


Description: plasma tweeter
Impedanz (nominal): 6.4 Ω (minimum 5.6 Ω)
Sensivity: 98 dB / 1 W / 1 m
Frequency range: 1500 Hz – 150 kHz ±3dB
Dimension: 16 x 16 x 30 cm
Weight: 2 kg

The exclusive CORONA plasma tweeter forms the centerpiece of Lansche’s collection. Each one of Lansche’s speakers  features this best-in-class tweeter, highly valued by both professional sound studios and high-end audiophiles.

The tweeter offers a near-magical precision and clarity unrivaled in the industry. This system contains no inductive voice coil, no heterogenous magnetic field, no resonance-bound membrane, no mass-spring system vibrating back and forth, and no non-linear suspension. All there is, in fact, is light and air.

The fascination of the CORONA plasma tweeter lies in its lightness of treble reproduction, linked with an unmatched precision and speed, without a hint of hardness. The absence of any system-generated resonance in the whole transmitted frequency range of 1.5kHz – 150kHz is remarkable! No other system is capable of achieving this, regardless of the principle used.

The CORONA plasma tweeter utilizes air as its sound-transmitting medium. An 8mm long arc is set up between a delicate curved annulus(what does this mean?) in the middle of the combustion chamber. A high voltage outer electrode is placed outside the tweeter’s combustion chamber. This arc forms an ionized gas cloud (ion field) which has five times less area and 100,000-times less weight than a fixed membrane.

The music signal itself is modulated, prompting all points within the volume of the ion field to accelerate exactly in unison through changes in the electric field strength.

As a result of almost drag-free (only the weight of the air) and virtually point-source emission, neither intensity loss nor directional sound can occur in the listening area through interference. The sound itself is generated in the small ionized airspace by the direct stimulation of the air molecules. It spreads out from there, serving to increase acoustic adaptation and raising efficiency. All treble signals are processed faithfully and coherently.

The CORONA plasma tweeter has a positive effect on the whole sound picture. Every instrument, even for example a double bass, generates higher frequencies for fuller sound. Errors in the amplitudes and phases do not exist. Unwanted noises are above the range of the best amplifiers and well above the available sources of noise.

Furthermore, an exact reproduction of the ratio of direct to indirect sound can be made due to the group term (relation of phase difference to frequency segment difference) which is extremely low and is constant across the frequency spectrum. This is a basic condition for an exact 3-D sound. Thus, the CORONA plasma tweeter stands apart in all sorts of ways from ordinary converter processes. With this tweeter, we offer the quickest and best treble system in the world by far.

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