Egoista 845

  • Viva Egoista845
  • Viva Egoista845
  • Viva Egoista845
  • Viva Egoista845


Dimensions w×h×d: 430×250×520 mm
Weight: 30 kg
4 source inputs and 1 Direct Input bypassing the preamp stage
2 × XLR Mono Output, 2 × Jack Standard Stereo Outputs, 2 × XLR 4 pin Stereo
Zero negative feedback pure class A operation
Tube complement: 1 x 6N1P, 1x 6SN7GTB, 2 x 845, 2 x EH5U4GB

Egoista is the pinnacle of Viva’s headphone amplifier design, and will effortlessly drive the most difficult loads with unparalleled resolution and dynamics. It has been called a “Majestic Masterpiece” and was given the 2014 Product of the Year award by the magazine. In 2018, CNET Magazine called it “the Ferrari of extreme high-end audio for those who crave the very best.

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