ENYO Mk2 (Tube)


Weight: 29kg
Dimensions: 430 x 480 x 190 mm
Power: 300W max. 115/230V 50/60Hz
Min input level: 0.5V Rms
Output power: 50W
Gain: 32db
Input impedance: 40kOhm
Output impedance: 1 Ohm
Signal to Noise: 103db
Frequency response: 20-20,000Hz +/- 0.5db

The power amplifiers used in Enyo are a completely new design based on our research over the last 10 years, with a 3-stage fully differential architecture. The output stage uses the rare arrangement of cathode feedback while retaining the usual ultra-linear  connection of the pentodes. This required the design of a special output transformer wound on double C-core GOSS. Driving this output stage called for the development of a special front end circuit accommodating positive grid swing. DC-coupled tubes are rare but Enyo uses only a single capacitor in the signal path.

The input and driver tubes used are our favourite 6n6p. While the output stage duty goes to the GU50. The Gu50 tube is based on Telefunken LS50 but made by the Soviets for the radio communication in the MIG planes. This is evident by looking at the socket locking the tube from falling out due to heavy vibration.

Luckily they made a lot of them and the tube is available worldwide for a very reasonable cost for the quality it offers. The power supply for the amplifier uses choke filtering to guarantee pitch black backgrounds and freedom from power supply modulation. Those are features rarely seen in anything other than top quality tube mono blocks.

  • Tube power amplifier developed from the ground up
  • Fully differential push pull design
  • Special cathode feedback ultra linear output stage.
  • Custom double C-core output transformer of the highest quality
  • Vibration proof military transmission pentodes.
  • Choke filtered power supply
  • Silicon carbide rectification.
  • Zero global feedback
  • Auto bias for zero adjustments when replacing tubes.
  • Large LCD screen with sensor buttons
  • Programable remote control
  • 4&8 Ohm speaker support
  • 50W output power
  • Streaming support
  • Bluetooth input
  • MM/Mc phono stage
  • Roon Ready

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ENYO Mk2 (Tube)