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Dimensions w×h×d: 410×185×410 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Stereo phono preamplifier
Triode tubes
Tube Complement: 2×12AX7LPS; 2×6C45P; 2×2A3

Dimensions w×h×d: 410×210×410 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Tube Complement: 2×2A3
MC gain 60dB, with just two high-performance tube active stages for achieving the shortest signal path
Very low noise
Very high dynamic headroom
External 2A3 or 300B-based power supply
Extremely high-quality output transformer built with special materials
Real point-to-point circuitry
Non-magnetic aluminum chassis

Today, Fono is key to a supreme quality vinyl playback system. The reproduction of full dynamic range of the recording “as is,” without losing musical nuances, combined with the low noise floor and the lack of distortion are the main characteristics of Fono.

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