Metamorphosis MK II Monocrystal


The new MKII series of our iconic cable. Created to complement the highest quality, reference music-reproduction electronics. Characterized by ultimate levels of resolution and holography. Contributing to the very highest levels of realism and authenticity in the sonic presentation, with an incredible conveyance of dimensional space, evoking the true emotions associated with live performances.

Constructed from dozens of individually insulated, hair-thin, solid core, purest silver wires engineered with our own proprietary monocrystalline technology, each with an exceptionally smooth surface polished using natural diamond heads.  This construction employs organic teflon insulation characterized by high vibration damping efficiency, with additional damping being fulfilled using aramid fibers. The whole is bound together by anti-electrostatic insulation made of silicone. The best possible connections for both the RCA and XLR versions are achieved by using the highest quality FURUTECH brand plugs.

Expertly constructed by hand, the METAMORPHOSIS MKII represents one of the best and highest-performing analog cables that money can buy – a true artisan product.

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