Metamorphosis Signature Monocrystal


Created for reference electronics. The quintessence of our past production in monocrystalline silver technology. As natural as it is possible at the present time. If you know what natural instruments sound like and are not interested in equalizing your audio system, this product will stay with you perhaps forever.

Its design is dozens of separately insulated thin silver wires made with monocrystalline technology with an exceptionally smooth surface polished on natural diamond heads are 20% more than in the MKII series. The Signature version additionally uses solid core wires. This construction uses organic Teflon insulation characterized by high vibration damping efficiency, the same task is fulfilled by aramid fibers. The whole is bound together by anti-electrostatic insulation made of silicone. Confection in the RCA and XLR versions are the highest quality plugs of the FURUTECH brand from the NCF series.

Metamorphosis Signature – life is too short to be fooled.

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